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At the age of 37, there is nothing that Zachary Biddle does not have. However, he has had his share of problems before he found success.

Zachary Biddle or Mikel Biddle is one of the most popular influencers in the world. With many known and excellent achievements under his belt, Biddle has made a name for himself as an ally to the entrepreneurs.

Zachary Biddle, now 37, was born in a humble home in San Diego. The little boy did not really know his true capabilities. However, as he grew up, the world began to recognise this boy as one of the best youth icons as of now.

Zachary Mikel Biddle is a man who put nothing but tireless efforts towards helping others just goes to show how he wanted to help young minds of this generation. Mikel Biddle strives towards starting new ventures and showing the world that things can be made even simpler.

Most of the times, our situations do not favour us and pose a hindrance to our success. To get out of our trouble, the best way to deal with this is to learn from Mikel Biddle.

The 37-year-old freelance entrepreneur and Kickstarter, Zachary Biddle, has written many papers and blogs. His works have been on various domains and niches. Deeply loaded with insight and brilliance, his most talked about thoughts is that of teamwork.

In his professional life, Mikel Biddle faced a lot of rejections which shook his whole internal being up. But he never gave up.

Today in a world where almost everyone wants to be their own boss, the fact remains that starting something on your own, taking steps towards being an entrepreneur that too amidst the cut-throat competition, is as risky as ever, Mikel Biddle sets an example.





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