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Because VoIP is connected to a high-speed internet connection and not the traditional land line, it becomes almost as portable as a .
With Lumia 505, you could surf Internet pages at a great speed and also power your laptop or desktop PC to browse through Internet pages.

If you want your family and friends to call you for free, or if you have business and you want your customers to reach you locally even if you're outside the country, you can get a Virtual Phone Number.

Which means day-to-day, even call-to-call, voip quality is going to vary, as well - sometimes to wild extremes.
VoIP now offers crisp calls clear sound and reliability, but problems can arise. VoIP is known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Click on the package you want to download, in my case, I clicked on RPM for Endora, and a small window popped open and I hit save to program files.
If you have all these in hand, then now you can begin by first installing the PdaNet.





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