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The sub has been plagued by these kind of posts for the last few months, ever since Origins came out and we got image posts as well.
People don put effort into making discussions on here anymore and it annoying.,

It really sucked for the one who was there on vacation and didn have a change of clothes with him.,

Sure I could sell now on the bet that it is more likely than not that I will be able to buy it back at a lower price.
That means I am willing to play the game that I can outsmart and time the market. Maybe I can, but that is a big maybe.,

In 1990, as part of a ride rotation program, a stand up looping roller coaster called Shockwave was added to the park.
Shockwave had previously operated at Six Flags Magic Mountain.,

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Look on unbiased travel websites for honest reviews of a hotel.
For a visitor's opinion, stay away from the hotel's site or any other places where they might be paying a fee for advertising.,

The servers that collect these stats have to be dedicated servers, they can not be normal servers, but the dedicated server stuff is being released with 0.6.0.,





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