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Most of the businesses these days deploy a direct sales force or numerous staff across different locations in a country. Managing a workforce of this scale is an uphill task for businesses. With field force management (FFM) tools, staying in control and managing all the complex operations has become quite easy.

Managing field operations is quite pivotal for companies that are into the business of providing different field services. They often face a few common concerns that have an impact over the control of workflow and handling the important documents. Most companies these days invest in systems or softwares to handles the various aspects of field service. Automating and streamlining the complex proce

In today’s time, there are a lot of factors that a business needs to take into consideration in order to stay competitive in the market. Out of all the factors, managing and having a complete control over the field force can be a difficult proposition. However, the recent developments in field force management have completely changed the situation. These developments have allowed the field force

For businesses, there are numerous aspects that pose a challenge to their normal functioning and performing a diverse set of tasks. These challenges can be whether the field force follows similar standards of compliance and operational execution or is the data captured accurately in the field.

There are many ways in which technology has transformed our lives. One of the most transformative ones is mobile technology. It the ubiquity of a powerful mobile device in your pocket, it is easier than ever to get work done and make sure that your team is also getting stuff done!

Streamlining the sales processes is quintessential for the growth of your business. However, managing and keeping a track of all the processes can prove to a ...

Keeping a track over the workforce out there in the field can be a daunting task. Especially, in the case of a large organization where the field workforce is assigned numerous jobs and responsibilities

For any business, tackling the surge in competition, longer sales cycles, fragmented leads data and managing the field force can prove to a dreadful plight. This can often lead to frustration and reduced productivity which would worsen the situation even more. The recent advancements in the field services industry have enabled the field force managers to bring out the maximum potential of the for

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