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Photography seems to be an easy task but no, it isn’t! There are various techniques that make photography perfect which one needs to know if they are serious in pursuing career in photography.This is the first and the foremost thing that one should learn. Now the question might arise how to do that? The best way is go through the reader manual first! A reader manual will familiarize you with the buttons, dials and menus. Cameras today have a lot of functions but using them all is probably not done by us.Aperture Priority: It helps in controlling the depth of a field, bringing large range into the focus, or blurring the background whenever you want to!Changing ISO setting: This function helps making your camera more sensitive to light.A skill that improves the composition of the pictures and a thoughtful composition is the key difference between an amateur photography and a professional one. For more information call us at 07766 052931.


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Written by maichelsmith (#2)
162 days ago
D S Curtis Photography provides first-rate County Durham photography services and captures every special moment brilliantly.





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