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Geothermal systems take full advantage of the sun likewise any other solar systems. But they do this job indirectly by harvesting the solar energy that has been absorbed by the earth throughout the year. Even in the cold climates, only the top of the earth’s surface freezes. Below the upper surface, there is availability of plentiful heat energy; which will be pulled out through geothermal systems and transferred into homes and businesses.In fact, there are four common varieties of geothermal systems available these days. If you are choosing one, remember that it’s fully dependent upon the local topography and the availability of land of water space.Keep in mind that, water loops are most popular ones but only if you have access to a lake. Here are top four types of geothermal systems available for businesses and homes.Horizontal Loop, Vertical Loop,Pond Loop, Well water etc.. For more information call us at 800 317 9054.


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